Huntington Bank Platinum Debit MasterCard

Posted: October 28, 2011
Huntington Bank Platinum Debit MasterCard

Huntington Bank, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio is converting its debit card programs to MasterCard and upgrading all its customers to a Platinum Debit MasterCard. Huntington Bank’s new Platinum Debit MasterCard® comes with Asterisk-Free Checking and offers all its customers zero liability, worldwide acceptance and remains fee-free to use. With most other banks moving to a monthly fee debit card, this is great news.

Huntington will be converting nearly 1.5 million customers over to the new MasterCard. Card benefits include an upgrade for all Huntington customers to a Platinum Debit MasterCard Card and fee-free debit purchases with zero liability for unauthorized transactions and 60-day price protection.

Asterisk-Free Checking™, which is free to open, comes with no monthly checking maintenance fee, no minimum balance and no check or debit card usage requirements – and it includes free ID Theft Resolution Services and 24-Hour Grace®.

In recent Cardweb article, the CEO said…

“We are excited to partner with MasterCard to give all our customers a much better, value-enhanced platinum debit card making it part of our ‘Fair Play Banking’ philosophy of bringing superior value to our customers,” said Huntington CEO Steve Steinour. “This is an alliance of two strong financial brands with a shared commitment to their customers. This debit card is free to use and automatically comes with Asterisk-Free Checking, which Money Magazine cited in naming Huntington ‘Best Regional Bank – Midwest’ in their September issue, or Huntington Plus Checking. These enhanced features will be very beneficial to our customers.”

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