Chase Launches Blueprint

Posted: September 18, 2009
Chase Launches Blueprint

Mid September, JP Morgan Chase launched a new, exciting feature to card holders of the Chase Freedom, Chase Sapphire, Chase Slate, and Chase Business “Ink” called “BLUEPRINT“. Chase Blueprint has unique set of features that lets you manage your finances on your terms. In addition, this feature is free to cardholders. When you sign-up for Blueprint you receive the following:

  • You can choose to Avoid Paying Interest Charges. You can choose the offer you would like to pay off and Chase will seperate them on your statements. This is a great feature for the normal everyday purchase you want to earn those reward points for. For those big purchases, just let them role over to your normal schedule.
  • You can choose to Pay off a large purchase on your terms. With this feature you can decide when you want to pay the big purchases off and how much you can pay each month.
  • You can choose to Pay down your balance faster. Figure out when you want to pay your bill off and Chase will do the rest. They will do all calculations and let you know how long you have.
  • You can now See your spending trends at a glance. Have you ever wondered what you’re spending you money on? Now with Chase Blueprint you can see where you’re money is going and make some adjustments.

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