HSBC Credit Card Portfolio for Sale

Posted: June 15, 2011
HSBC Credit Card Portfolio for Sale

Have $33 billion dollars lying around? If so, I have the perfect deal for you. HSBC Holidings has put its $33 billion US credit card unit on the block. HSBC is one of the top ten providers of MasterCard and Visa and the third largest issuer of co-brand credit cards. HSBC widely know internationally and has decided to focus their efforts on linking its customers with its growing retail banking business in the international market. Rumors are that Capital One and Barclays are sniffing around, but who can afford the hefty price tag.

Notable HSBC credit cards: GM Card, Orchard Bank Cards, HSBC Premier World MasterCard®, HSBC Platinum MasterCard®, The Union Plus Card, and Teamster Privilege® Credit Card

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