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Discover Card may be best known for their CashBack Bonus program. For years it has been the staple of their credit card products. Discover Card has always tried to create card products that offer value to the consumer. Many of their cards now offer long introductory rates on purchases and balance transfers, while others may offer greater percentages of cash back on of certain types of purchases. Discover Card also ranked #1 in customer loyalty among the top credit card issuers, according to the 2010 Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Report.

Below you will find a listing of some of the most popular Discover Credit Cards. Some of the Discover Card applications will be for cards offering long term 0% balance transfer rates while others may offer enhanced cash back or frequent flyer rewards. For more information or to apply online, simply click the “Apply Now” button.

Discover Credit Cards


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    Discover Credit Card Application

    When people think of Discover Card, they think of their cashback bonus programs. Providing cardholders with cash back rewards has been the staple of the Discover credit card brand for many years, but their customer service is the foundation. They consistently offer best of class customer service year in, year out. Discover also prides themselves in product innovation and is always working on great products that are attractive to consumers. There is a wide variety of Discover credit card applications such as their traditional cash back offers, credit card offers with longer introductory rates on balance transfers, cards that offer frequent flyer miles, and even cards that reward you for paying your bill on-time. They do cater to a higher quality applicant though as you have to have a good credit score to really be seriously considered. Discover also has a good selection of credit cards for college students.

    Choosing the Best Discover Card

    When you are trying to decide which the Best Discover Card is for you, you need to consider a few items first. The first item should be is determining your goals. Are you looking to do a balance transfer to a longer term 0% interest rate? Do you pay your bill off every month, but just want to earn rewards? Maybe you just want another line of credit available for those unexpected emergencies. You need to decide those things first. Based on that, you can then determine if getting a card with an annual fee or not makes sense, or if the ongoing interest rates are that important to you. For example, if you pay your bill off every month, you may want to get a card that offers greater rewards versus a card that has more attractive annual percentage rates as its main feature. Also pay attention to the rate at which you earn rewards and which types of items. You may earn a higher rate on gas purchases for example and a lower rate on others. Just make sure you pick the best Discover Card for that fits your lifestyle.

    Where are Discover Credit Cards Accepted?

    Discover Cards are accepted in more places than you think. There are millions of businesses, retailers, restaurants, that will take their cards as payment. Sometimes the retailers won’t advertise it and they only show the Visa or MasterCard logos. If you aren’t sure, just ask. Earning those cash back rewards is worth it! The only potential issue with acceptance would probably be if you traveled abroad much. While they have a large international network, they aren’t as widely accepted internationally as the three other big networks.