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Capital One Cards for Excellent Credit

Capital One® VentureOne® Rewards Credit Card

  • Enjoy a one-time bonus of 20,000 miles once you spend $1,000
    on purchases within the first 3 months, equal to $200 in travel
  • Earn unlimited 1.25 miles per dollar on every purchase, every day
    and pay no annual fee
  • Fly any airline, stay at any hotel, anytime
  • Enjoy a low intro APR on purchases until June 2016;
    11.9%-21.9% variable APR after that
  • Travel when you want with no blackout dates
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Miles don't expire and there's no limit to how many you can earn
  • 100% free Capital One® Credit Tracker - see your monthly credit score anytime
    and get automatic alerts
Capital One® VentureOne<sup>SM</sup> Rewards Credit Card

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Capital One Cards for Average Credit

Capital One® Classic Platinum Credit Card

  • Get the credit you need with a competitive rate
  • Get access to a higher credit line after making your first
    5 monthly payments on time
  • Fraud coverage if your card is lost or stolen
  • Use online banking to access your account, even from your smartphone
    with our mobile app
  • Pay by check, online, or at a local branch, all with no fee - and pick
    the monthly due date that works best for you
  • Get access to your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Get free access to your credit score and learn how everyday decisions
    can affect your score using Capital One® Credit Tracker
Capital One® Classic Platinum Credit Card

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Capital One Cards for Small Business

Capital One® Spark® Cash for Business

  • Earn 2% cash back on every purchase, every day
  • Plus, a one-time $500 cash bonus once you spend $4,500 on purchases
    within the first 3 months
  • Cash rewards don't expire, and there are no categories to
    limit where or what you buy
  • Earn a $50 cash bonus by signing up for one or more employee
    cards in the first 60 days
  • $0 intro annual fee for the first year; $59 after that
  • Redeem cash rewards anytime, for any amount, even set up
    automatic redemption
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Earn unlimited cash rewards that don't expire
Capital One® SparkSM Cash for Business

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Our Expert Review

Capital One is one of the most creative banks around in not only they way they promote their credit card products, but with the innovation they put behind them. An example would be the Capital One Venture Card. This card was rated as the best credit card for earning airline miles by Money Magazine. What makes Capital One unique is their ability to cater to people with all types of credit histories. Many large banks only focus on marketing to people with great credit, but Capital One offers products from excellent to bad credit. Their customer service is rated as Good (which is a really good rating) by GetHuman. Capital One has been working to expand their customer base by doing a lot of direct mail and TV commercials, directing people to apply at application.capitalone.com, www.application.capitalone.com, applications.capitalone.com, and www.applications.capitaone.com. We definitely recommend Capital One to anyone interested in applying for a credit card.

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Helpful Tips

Things to Consider When Choosing a Capital One Credit Card

  1. Credit History ? First thing you need to take into consideration is how good your credit is. You don't want to apply for a card that you probably won't get approved for, but we have heard that they might suggest other offers that would suit you. Just as a general rule, read what type of credit is needed before you apply.

  2. Fees- Some cards may have an annual fee. Just make sure you are aware of the terms. Some cards like the Venture Card that lets you earn 2 miles for every dollar spent charges an annual fee because you are earning miles at a faster rate versus the regular Venture Card which lets you earn 1.25 miles for every dollar spent. That card has no annual fee. In that instance you need to determine if the added annual fee is worth the extra miles.

  3. Rewards- If you are looking for a card that rewards you for your spending, think about the types of rewards you would like to earn. Capital One offers two types. Those types are either airline miles or cash back. Both products receive high marks. If you like to travel or you would like a way to cut down on your expenses when you do decide to take a vacation, you may want to consider a card that offers miles. If you don't really like making travel plans and things like that, cash back is probably your better option. Not all cards offer rewards and depending on your credit history you may not be eligible to apply for a rewards card.

  4. Do you Carry a Balance?- If you carry a balance on your credit card, you may be better suited to apply for the Capital One Platinum which offers a long term 0% interest rate on balance transfers and a low on-going APR thereafter. You do need to have a good credit score to take advantage of that offer.